Dog Training Gear

The proper dog training gear can really set you up for success when you begin to train your dog.   We recommend a few simple tools to all of our clients.  With these few things you can begin to build the foundation you need to have an enjoyable relationship with your dogs.

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Training Collar

A well trained walk is the foundation of building a happy and healthy relationship with your dog.  To train a well heeled walk you only need a couple simple tools.  With all of our client’s adult dogs we start out with a simple training collar.   Commonly called the chain collar or “choke” chain many folks demonize the collar and recommend against it’s use.  However, if trained properly this type of collar is an effective and safe way to work with your dog. This type of collar, or any training tool for that matter, should never be used to inflict pain, or punish the dog.  Time should be taken to train the dog to give to the pressure of the collar.  We recommend working with a professional experienced in this type of training before you begin a training program.

A good fit is important when using this type of collar.  Best practice is to measure the circumference of your dogs neck and add four inches to the collar.  This is an excellent video from Coastal Pet Products to walk you through the process.

The collars we prefer and recommend are Coastal Pet’s Titan chain collars.  A good collar made of quality material is important.  You do not want rings that will bend or break, and you want a chain that will smoothly slide through the ring.  Cheaper collars that use lower quality material will bind up when you are using them.  We recommend always using good high quality tools; they will save you in the long run.

The links below are general examples of a chain collars we recommend.  Before you order please make sure you measure your dog’s neck and purchase the appropriate size collar.  If you use our links below, Wags This Way LLC is a part of the Amazon Associate program, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.  This does not affect the recommendations we make or the price you will pay for these products.

Coastal Pet 20-Inch Titan Heavy Chain Collar

Another company who makes excellent training collars is the Herm Sprenger company.  Mostly know for their prong collars, they also make excellent chain collars like the one below.  You cannot go wrong with one of their collars.

Herm Sprenger Dog Training Collar


Leash choice is a matter of personal preference.  Some people like leather leashes some like nylon, some like flat, some like round.  The most important thing is that the leash feels comfortable in your hands and is durable enough to last.  Personally, I like leather leashes, unless they are wet.  After comfort length is the next choice.  I like a 4-6 foot leash unless I am doing some specific training, like working a dog in harness, or training distance work with a long line. 

The choice of what type of leash to purchase should be based on your personal preferences.  Just make sure you pick a leash that will last and you will be comfortable using.   A variety of Dog Leashes are available to purchase here.

Dog Beds

The “Bed” or “Place” behavior is the second part of your foundation for a well behaved dog.  Training the Bed behavior is always one of the first and one of the most important behaviors we train.  Many people train dogs to go to a bed and stay on it, but the most important part of that behavior is training them to relax while they are on their bed.  Teaching them to relax while they are on their bed is the beginning of training out a lot of unwanted behavior such as barking at the door, jumping on guests, etc.  We personally buy Kirkland brand dog beds from Costco, but if you prefer shopping on Amazon here is a link to dog beds.


Many people don’t consider them dog training gear, but crates are a great way to prevent bad behavior and aid in the training process.  We recommend everyone use them especially when first training a dog.  The training process is so much easier if we work to prevent bad behavior instead of correcting it or trying to extinguish it after the bad behaviors become engrained. 

When looking for a crate chose a crate that is size appropriate for your pet.  Too large or too small can create problems for you and your dog.  Hill Pet has a great guide to selecting the right kennel type and appropriate size.  Once you have selected the best crate for you and your dog you can shop online for Crates & Kennels.

The right dog training gear can make all the difference when you are beginning a training program.  We put this list together to help our training clients get set up with the necessary training equipment, but we hope anyone eager to train dogs finds this list helpful.