Maggie the Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are the most serene and agreeable of companions

This is a very exciting week for us here at Wags This Way.  Our next client Maggie will be the first Irish Wolfhound we have ever had the privilege of training.  We always love to learn about new breeds especially new giant breeds, Male Wolfhounds can grow on average to around 36” tall at the shoulder and weigh 140-180 pounds.  Part of the joy of training animals is in the opportunities it gives you to be a lifelong learner.  Whether it is our continual growth in the art and science of training or learning each individual animal, breed, and species.  After 20 years in the training business, it is a rare joy to get to learn from a type animal that we have never trained before, so Maggie will be a real treat for us.

According to the AKC’s Irish Wolfhound page, “The calm, dignified, and kindly Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all AKC breeds. Once fearless big-game hunters capable of dispatching a wolf in single combat, Wolfhounds today are the most serene and agreeable of companions.”  They also describe them as courteous dignified and calm.

When discussing training the Irish Wolfhound Club of America describes Wolfhounds as “fast learners. They respond best to positive training methods.  Basic obedience and socialization are very important for a growing puppy.”  This foundation of early training and socialization is crucial for all puppies, but with the giant breeds their strength as an adult makes this all the more important.  All dogs deserve the opportunity to grow up to be well adjusted, well behaved, so that they can enjoy spending time with their family in and out of the home.  This early training will give your dog the skills it needs to live a full well-rounded life.

Wolfhounds are described as being extremely close with their families and can become sullen if separated from them.  We will need to take special care to bond with Maggie quickly so she becomes comfortable in our home.  This will help to minimize her stress and allow our training to progress quickly. Her family’s goals for Maggie’s stay with us are walking on leash, manners when meeting people, in addition to the basics all young dogs need. It is always exciting to see how far our training dogs will progress during their stay with us and it is just as exciting to see what they will teach us.  We cannot wait to get started with Maggie.

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